Each participant must be checked for health. The health certificate at the venue will not be checked.

Storage: Items must be returned in a neatly closed bag to keep things out of stock.

Each competitor must have a number neatly affixed to the shirt. The number should be on the front of the shirt (chest), in a clearly visible position.

Each runner must attach an electronic timing chip on a sports shoe (except for a non-fixed time event). The time of the participants who have not affixed or incorrectly attached the electronic chip to the time measurement will not be recorded and such participants will not be included in the competition protocol. The sensor must be returned after the race.

Parents will be able to run alongside a child to accompany a child, and parents do not need to register.

We are very pleased to leave the cars in Klaipėda, because there are very few parking spaces in Smiltynė.

We offer you to choose a blue-marked parking area in Žvejų g. , Because the weekend is free and close to ~ 500m from the ferry.


The Old ferry timetable: